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We all love to have clean and hygienic floors, but not many of us enjoy the chore of using a mop bucket, and that is why BISSELL have introduced their Steam Mop. Winner of a Which Best Buy in January 2012, the BISSELL Steam Mop outperformed every other machine that Which magazine tested.

Cleans hard floor surfaces

This powerful steam cleaner is ideal for a wide range of hard floor surfaces including ceramic tiles, stone floors, sealed laminate and sealed wood flooring.

The concentrated steam at a very high temperature breaks down grease and grime, and can even kill bacteria, dust mites and other allergens when used as directed, helping to keep your home clean and hygienic. As it doesn't use any detergent or other chemicals, it is designed to be kind to the environment and economical.

How to use

To steam clean your hard floors, simply fit one of the two deluxe microfibre pads over the floorhead and tighten the drawstring. Next, fill up the clean water tank, switch it on and wait 30 seconds for it to heat up. Once the blue light comes on at the front of the machine, you’re ready to steam. Squeeze the trigger to release the steam and move the steam mop slowly backwards and forwards across the floor.

Steam on Demand

The BISSELL Steam Mop has been designed with safety in mind, so when you release the trigger, the steam stops almost immediately. Steam is only released when you are holding the steam on demand trigger, preventing possible over-heating of your floor surface, and reducing the chance of accidents.

Simple cleaning

Heated and ready to use in 30 seconds, the remarkably quiet mechanism works something like an iron: steam is dispensed on demand, rather than continuously, by pressing the trigger while passing the mop over the floor.

Hot steam easily removes hardened and sticky gunk, especially if the mop sits over the mess for a few seconds. (Leave it in place 15 seconds to actually sanitize the cleaning surface.) The machine steams for approximately 15 minutes before the tank needs to be refilled, but there's no lag once you refill it.

Steam Shot 2635N
Warranty & Service

All Bissell products come with a 1 year warranty.

Service Centre

M/s Serviceman. More than 250 service centers across India giving doorstep service to 9000 pin codes for all Bissell products purchased in India.


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The steam shot is a versatile multi tool product designed for various steam cleaning and ironing functions thereby operating as a complete steam cleaner and vertical steam iron.

Now have a perfectly clean home hand with high-pressure steam cleaner Bissell Steam Shot 2635N. In addition to cleaning also thoroughly disinfects and loosens grease. It is ideal for cleaning the kitchen, grill, bathrooms, windows and joints. With a set of nine attachments it can steam clean every surface and remotely accessible corners and places at home. Steam Cleaner excels vapor pressure of 4.5 bar and a water tank that holds 400 ml.

This steam shot can also be used to sanitize your clothes, beds, pillows and plants.

It is a Handheld steam cleaner making it extremely convenient to use at various corners and heights.

It can also be used for vertical ironing of your clothes.

  • Extension Hose – the extension hose pipe makes it easily manoeuvrable and clean the most difficult cleansing areas of home
  • 3 small brushes with different colors - for a variety of uses (toilet, bathroom, kitchen)
  • Angle adapter – Gives a powerful steam shot to cleans stubborn stains gas stoves, sink etc.
  • Window squeegee – Flat attachment to clean windows, mirrors, tiles etc
  • Vertical Steam iron – Flat Washer microfiber can be used as a vertical steam iron to quickly steam iron and sanitize your suits, sarees, shirts, pants and other clothing.
  • 2 cleaning cloths microfiber
  • 1 brush joints – To cleans to various edges and corners
Capacity of container: 400 ml
Cord length: 4.8 m
Warm-up time: 1 min
Input: 1000 W
Pressure: 4.5 bar
Weight: 2.3 kg
Included accessories:
  • Dispensing container for filling the water tank
  • Extension Hose
  • 3 small brushes with different colors - for a variety of uses (toilet, bathroom, kitchen)
  • 1 brush joints
  • Angle adapter
  • Window squeegee
  • Flat Washer microfiber
  • 2 cleaning cloths microfiber
  • Flat scraper